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One of Scott’s earliest works titled ‘Water Music’ suggested the dynamic movement of water and the lyrical dialogue of music. Over the years, these qualities have become the defining elements of his work. His experiences as a professional musician are evident in the rhythm and movement in his paintings. The structural and sculptural qualities seen in his work are informed by his extensive career as a landscape architect.

The ‘WaterMusicArt’ brand grew out of a demand to expand his imagery to a variety of ‘canvases’ and has become the outlet for his functional art and design branch. To date, commissions have included an original fine art Stratocaster guitar, several ‘Art Guitars’ and bass drum covers. A perfect fit for WMA.

Modern printing technology allows Scott to reproduce his imagery in a variety of new and exciting functional formats. A merchandise line based on Scott’s work, featuring custom ceramic art tile, is available for home furnishings and gifts. There is also a developing architectural arena for the work. Scott’s customers have been inspired to create interesting and innovative uses for his images, from inlaid tile walls and murals, to plexi-glass skylight covers and murals.

What do you have in mind? How about a wedding dress…or a grand piano? Let’s talk.


Scott’s journeys to Mexico, China, Central America and the Caribbean have influenced his color palette and sense of style.

His work is crafted in the narrative tradition of short stories, improvisational music and poetry. These ‘stories’ or ‘songs’ unfold as an abstract translation of Scott’s inspiration and perspective. Scott invites us, the audience, to participate in the dialogue through our individual and unique interpretation. His work is represented on both coasts and is featured at his WaterMusicArt Gallery & Studio in Chester, VT.

Scott J. Morgan
Studio: (802) 289-4347